Saint-Nicolas de Véroce

The Baroque path

ChapelleWalking this path will take you from Churches to Chapels and oratories across three of the communes of Pays du Mont Blanc. The path is 20 kms long and it takes two days to visit all the places with qualified guides for Pays de Savoie heritage. On the first day you will be guided from Saint Nicholas church in Combloux to the church in St Nicolas de Véroce with exceptional open access to the various chapels along the way. The next day a second guide will take  you from St Nicholas de Véroce to the Church of Our Lady in Notre Dame de la Gorge and that of Les Contamines Montjoie. Thus you’ll follow  the path formerly taken by peddlers and enjoyed our various old time villages and hamlets and breathtaking mountain scenery.

Eglise de Saint Nicolas de véroceWarning: no open access to the chapels without a guide

For further information contact the Tourist offices

Private visits:
Visit on reservation : a tour from Chapelle des Chattrix ( St Nicolas de Véroce) to the museum of sacred art. ( 3:00 hours)
Tour of Saint Nicolas de Véroce: If you want to organize a tour with a group of friends and you wish to be guided around with a historical account of the village of St Nicholas you can Contact Caroline . You’ll decide of the day and the kind of tour you wish with her.

minimum 4 pers/maximum 10/15 persons.

Saint Nicolas de Véroce

Contact :

Musée d’art sacré : 04 50 91 72 47
Caroline Duperthuy Guide du patrimoine des Pays de Savoie : 06 86 37 17 67

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Office du Tourisme de Saint Nicolas de Véroce : 04 50 93 20 63
Office du Tourisme de Saint-Gervais les Bains : 04 50 47 76 08

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